Why Should I Hire a Security Guard?

Hiring a security guard has many benefits. At the most basic level, the presence of a security guard can be enough to deter a thief. This is because a security guard communicates to thieves that their chosen target will not be an easy one. A security guard can spot potentially threatening behavior, meaning a higher chance of that behavior being curbed before it even becomes a problem.

Another benefit is that a security guard can react right away if there is trouble afoot. Unlike a security camera, which simply records security breaches, a guard can address problems immediately. Security Guards take a proactive approach and can respond to situations before they become a problem.

Are Tactical Response Security Patrol's Prices Competitive?

Yes, we offer high quality services at competitive rates. We’ll match or beat any competitor's price.

How do Security Officers know what is expected of them?

A Tactical Response Security Patrol Account Manager will create post orders specific to your location, approved by you. Post Orders are a set of customized policies and procedures. The Security Officer will receive a copy of the post orders and then receive training on them. The post orders should be posted at your location as well so the officer and your own staff is aware what is expected of the officer.